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Interior design that rises to the challenge of the Modern British lifestyle, and all that encompasses – be that within a commercial setting aimed at a young & upwardly mobile clientele, to a robust & diverse family environment.


Since 2000, Clare Pascoe has been delivering ahead of trend, award winning interior, championing Mid Century style, the Best of British & Sustainable Design long before they were fashionable.  


Pascoe Interiors “Modern British Style” has been borne from these roots, in tandem with a personal love for the British landscape, Nordic wilderness, and a deep appreciation for the ethos of Scandinavian design & lifestyle.


By layering varying degrees of luxury & simplicity – Clare provides an undeniably British response to beautiful interior design, that balances the practicalities of longevity with pared back luxury; while engineering ergonomic & anthropometric interiors that intimately fit the lifestyle desires and demands of all who inhabit the spaces.


Pascoe Interiors “Modern British Style” blends the Best of British - from home grown Designer Makers to historical suppliers of materials - with the sustainable lifestyle influence of Scandinavian design. The resulting stand-out interiors are intensely subtle, yet rich with clean lines & texture to provide havens from a busy & pressurised world.


Sustainable Design Policy

​By sourcing primarily from a network of UK and European dealers, British Designer Makers and skilled British Suppliers, such as the last remaining fabric mills across the UK, Clare proves that sustainable can be attainable and beautiful.  


Clare believes that all designers have a duty to design responsibly.  By reusing and reupholstering comfortable & timeless pieces, whose current aesthetic does not fit the new scheme to reduce the impact on landfill; and to ensure that Clients buy only items that will offer true longevity rather than quick or impulsive fixes, even if that means waiting a bit longer to buy that much coveted item.


This policy is a goal to deliver beautiful, ethical interiors without restricting creativity or Client choice.  Clare presents Clients with a wide range of options from which they can make a fully informed decision to suit and future proof their lifestyle.

Modern British Interiors

BIID Membership

A full member of The British Institute of Interior Designers since 2000, Clare Pascoe is qualified under their Professional Pathway Scheme which is “...the first national professional standard for interior designers…” 


BIID Membership is the only way for an interior designer to demonstrate they have met rigorous standards for professional competence and distinguish themselves from amateurs and hobbyists”


“The British Institute of Interior Design is committed to encouraging and supporting creativity and competence in the field of interior design through facilitating best practice, practical professional support, development opportunities and education."

BIID Member

About Clare

“Clare combines professional ability and engineering precision alongside a truly individual eye for style, with a rare ability to work with colour to bring a wealth of valuable skills and insights to every project.”

Graduating from the Engineering faculty at Plymouth University with a BSc Honors Degree in Design Technology & Business and achieving Honors at the prestigious KLC School of Design, Clare’s professional history prior to establishing her own practice includes Trainee Assistant Brand Manager at Coty UK, working on the Rimmel & Cutex Brands, and Design Assistant to Swedish style interior designer Sasha Waddell


In 2000 Clare set up Fulham based interior and kitchen design firm Molten UK Ltd.  After a decade in London, Pascoe Interiors was formed to signal Clare further developing her niche signature style, alongside a move from London to West Sussex

clare Pascoe interior designer
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