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Four Tips for Making your Kitchen Look Larger

1. Use mirrors

Mirrors aren’t commonly used in kitchens, but where light or space are at a

premium, a mirrored splash back is a very effective way to increase the feeling of

both. But it is better to choose a tinted (bronze) or antique mirror finish, as the last thing you want

is to give a crisp reflection of everything on the counter top, as this doubling of ’stuff’

will only make the space feel more cluttered. For safely only use in North facing


2. Embrace dark colours

Do not shy away from dark colours!  Many people feel dark colours bring the walls of a

space in - which can be the case, but if you increase the ceiling area by painting a

band around the top of the room (of around 200-300mm) in the same colour of the

ceiling, you can trick your minds eye into pushing the walls away, therefore making the

room feel bigger.

3. Spacial planning

Small kitchens are often easier to plan as more efficient working spaces than large

kitchens, simply because every millimetre has to work that much harder to

accommodate all the space it has to.  So, invest in careful and detailed planning to

make sure there’s a place for everything and that you put everything in its’ place.  If

the space functions neatly and without compromise, then you will be far less aware

of its’ physical limitations.

4. Cabinet height

Keep the walls as free and open of cabinets as possible. Avoid using wall units and

instead opt for open shelves and do not use full height.


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